Whipzilla lighting whips for vehicles (Pre-order)

WHIPZILLA – REALLY BRIGHT!! This thing is packed with more than 100 high output LED’s, with up to 3x more power than any competing brand whip. This whip is worth every penny, if you’re the type of person that has to have the BRIGHTEST whip, look no further.. And like all other Tribal Whips, they include our proprietary quick connect/disconnect mounting system, and fiberglass whip adapter.



4 ft and 6 ft lighting whips - choose your colour, fix it to your vehicle with the mounting kit and watch that flag fly! Perfect for off road vehicles or safety vehicles.

WhipZilla's are made in the USA, just like our other lighted whips. Unlike other companies who say they're the "#1 selling LED whip", and they're the "manufacture", Tribal Whips actually means it. We make all of our circuitry in house, and to our specifications. Tribal Whips - LED whips are completely hand stuffed, soldered, inspected, and assembled in Las Vegas, NV.