DBW Autokontrol kits with cruise Control


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  • The Dbw solution is available in both diesel & petrol versions suits all vehicles with electronic throttle.
  • Patented Dbw system, & multi-voltage components
  • Offers top speed control, engine RPM speed control, automatic duel speed& digital self-diagnostic testing.
  • Can be used with the Geo-kontol option to limit the vehicle speed in defined geo-fenced areas
  • Data logging of events up to 720 hours
  • Incorporates security features and anti-tamper devices
  • Simple testing of the system.
  • 3-year warranty on the hardware
  • Worldwide approvals including
  • EU Approval: e11*92/24*010027*00
  • United nations Approval 89R-00010027
  • The Most popular speed limiter type in the world for over 35 years
  • No monthly or ongoing fees


  • Improve safety to driver, passengers, and the public.
  • Substantial fuel saving of up to 30% and reduced carbon footprint
  • Lower maintenance costs of brakes and tyres
  • State and corporate compliance
  • Reduced risk of asset damage and public liability